The rise of Men Makeup Business in China

According to Euromonitor International’s estimates, retail sales in China’s male skincare and cosmetics products market will grow at an average annual rate of 13.5% during 2016-2019, much higher than the global average of 5.8%, to top RMB1.9 billion in 2019. With the increasing number of male consumers, the growth potential of the mainland skincare and cosmetics products market should not be underestimated.

Where is the trend of men makeup from ?

According to the figures of TMALL Beauty, between 2012 and 2015, the consumption amount of men was significantly higher than that of women. They became a new driving force in the sector of beauty and skincare products. The most active among them are the youngest consumers.

Celebrities endorsement

We can see more and more Chinese young men caring about their skin, especially those born after the 1995s. Star endorsement is one reason for this new trend. The Korean style has been influencing Chinese young people’s aesthetic standards for a while through dramas and K-pop stars. Chinese young girls often try to reproduce the makeup. Nowadays, more and more famous and young Chinese celebrities, such as Kris Wu, Lay, Jackson Wang

KOLs influence young Chinese consumers

Most of these young people are influenced by KOLs (Key Opinion leaders) present online and on social media. On Douyin, the most popular app among young Chinese, we can find videos showing a boy putting on makeup. Reactions in the comment section are no longer about “how strange it is” but more about how makeup can change a person. It’s a trend more and more accepted in China because it is becoming widespread.

Young Chinese male consumers search for information online

Along with the development of the internet, the social network has become a necessary part of people’s daily life. People are now more often reading and speaking online instead of through more traditional forms of mainstream media. According to a survey conducted by HKTDC Research, the proportion of young male respondents obtaining information from Internet ads is higher than for their more mature counterparts. We can also notice that male consumers seldom exchange information on skincare or cosmetics products and do not take the initiative to find out details about brands or products. Rather, they are more likely to obtain information on products passively from media ads.

In the e-commerce world, Chinese male shoppers are not “hunters”, but “gatherers”. They won’t spend hours finding the best deal; instead, they check-in and check out real fast.

Online shopping is men’s main purchase Channel

Among the different purchase channels, 55% of our male respondents identify “online shops” as their main channel for purchasing skincare and cosmetics products, followed by “brand name stores” (44%). Due most likely to the fact that there are fewer skincare and cosmetics brands and products for men on the market, male consumers often keep buying the same brands they have used before, which makes buying online more convenient. In this way, male consumers are also considered more loyal to brands than female consumers.

Generally speaking, Chinese people are making more purchases online. They are more willing to purchase online because of the convenience and the greater range of available items on e-commerce platforms.

According to HKTDC Research, the main distribution channels for skincare products on the mainland include department stores, KA channels (hypermarkets), CS channels (for example, multi-brand household chemicals stores), e-commerce, and mobile devices (for example, WeChat shops).

How can you market your product in China ?

Build your presence online

As we said before, Chinese men consumers search for effectiveness and a fast purchasing experience. It’s important to suit their consumption behavior, being on the e-commerce platforms they are used, providing useful and accessible information. For that, you will need :

  • To increase your visibility online : you should consider the SEO on Baidu, the main and almost unique search engine for Chinese consumers.
  • To manage your product’s presentation : it is possible to build your own Chinese website, or to be present on other platforms online. Detailed product descriptions featuring comparisons to other similar products, and customer reviews with images can assist their shopping experiences.
  • To launch your store on a trustful e-commerce platform. This is an efficient way to do business in China.

To build your presence online in order to catch the maximum of Chinese consumers, you can leverage social media or collaborate with KOLs to promote your products. Take a look at our services for more information.

Introduction of WeChat

WeChat is the most used Chinese app for communication. It has become a powerful marketing tool as well for individual entrepreneurs and international companies. You can create your brand’s account on WeChat to keep in touch with your Chinese target consumers. A WeChat official account is a kind of micro-website, where you can post news, put your contact information, create an event, even open a WeChat Store for selling. What makes WeChat better than any other social media platform is that when you put new things, there is an alert on the main page of WeChat. Every person that followed your account will be noticed. In addition, everyone in China uses WeChat daily. It’s the must-have APP here.

Be up to date with the Chinese market

Thanks to the digitalization of society and the new marketing tools. China has a lot of booming industries and represents a huge market, this is the most point that is attracting a lot of investors and entrepreneurs here. However, in China, you really need to be faster than others to get the market share as the pace of business is very fast and the environment is constantly evolving.

Gentlemen Marketing Agency

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