WeChat Sales Campaign for Fashion and Cosmetics Brands

Over the year, the volume of retail cosmetics in China increase by 8.3%, while the sales of beauty care products and individual care also witnessed a higher development of 102%. China is an immense market with huge possibilities for all kinds of industry especially cosmetics and fashion.

Actually, Chinese online networking has become a huge platform where every local and international brand wants to integrate their digital marketing strategies in order to engage more Chinese customers. More design and beauty care products brands have officially settled up their digital strategy on WeChat and Weibo.

In this article, you have found some Wechat sales campaign ideas for cosmetic and fashion brands that can help you to engage more and more Chinese Customers. The Chinese market is very fragmented and complex, but you just need some advice before entering.

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KOLs: New trend of the Digital marketing

KOL marketing is especially compelling for design and beauty care products since clients tend to trust surely understood from bloggers and will buy what they prescribe. Presently, there are a few deals crusade thoughts for brands to coordinate with form bloggers:

  1. Supported articles

This is the most well-known sort of KOL promotion on WeChat. KOL recommends an item, gives utilization tips, incorporates deals data, or only repast content given by the brand. Brands frequently support Cols for fortunate attracts or giveaways to build client engagement. Buy connections can likewise be included with the goal that intrigued perusers can buy things effectively in the wake of perusing an article.

For example, Olay propelled a substantial Weibo crusade on Mother’s Day this year to advance its blessing bundle. The healthy skin mark likewise utilized a few huge KOLs on WeChat for additional inside and out advancement. Olay chose seven popular KOL in various enterprises and with various fortes, including Titian (一条; short video generation), Look (乐活记, way of life content), kawo01 (卡娃微卡, feeling related substance) and mold media like SELF and Rayleigh. Along these lines, Olay got limited-time articles from various points so unique gatherings of people were secured.

In addition, Olay utilized a shrewd planning methodology. These KOLs were requested to distribute their own articles one by one from May ninth to fourteenth, with the goal that the crusade period was reached out to keep steady introduction on WeChat. In the interim, clients had enough time to see the battle and buy things or spread the news.

Subsequently, their WeChat articles collected more than 100,000 site visits, and more than 45,000 present bundles (398 RM per bundle) were sold on Olay’s online store on Tmall.

  1. Co-marking

Brands can dispatch co-marked items with a KOL. An incredible case of this is the co-marking between Mr. Bag and Given toward the start of this current year. 80 constrained version sacks worth 1.2 million RM B were sold out in 12 minutes. After this fruitful crusade, Mr. Sacks has been proceeding with this participation display, working with other mold extravagance brands like Burberry, Tods, and Chloe.

  1. Uncommon items for deals on KOLs’ WeChat stores

As of late, more form Kols have opened their own particular WeChat stores or scaled-down projects for internet business purposes, including Gobbing (Store name: 不大精选), Becky Li (Store name: 种草好物馆) and Shiloh (Store name: 石榴小卖部). Brands can offer extraordinary versions of their items in KOL WeChat stores.

As of late, Becky Li, the mold blogger who sold 100 Mini Cooper autos in 4 minutes, discharged her new internet business smaller than expected program. The principal thing she advanced was a co-marked 2018 Fantasy Notebook with Oriental Royal Jewelry (故宫文化珠宝). Becky propelled a blaze deals battle, where clients paid 0.01 RM B for a fortunate draw ticket. The ticket number demonstrated their installment arrangement. 25 of them who got an extraordinary number (1, 10, 20… 50, 100, 200… 900, 1000, 2000… 10000) got a 2018 Fantasy Notebook for nothing. The 10,000 fortunate draw tickets sold out rapidly.

Minutes promotions + Coupon dissemination 

Coupons and vouchers are compelling buy impetuses and WeChat’s Moments promotion has a possibility for brands to convey coupons and vouchers. This enables brands to accomplish better showcasing comes about on account of more precise client focusing on. Form mark GAP demonstrates to us an awesome case of utilizing Moments advertisements and vouchers in its business battle early this year.

In February, GAP propelled a Moments advertisement which clients could snap to gather a voucher worth 20.17 to 2017 RM and in addition an enrollment card for use in physical stores. The battle was an immense accomplishment as 60 percent of We Chat clients who had seen the promotion really gathered the voucher, and 26 percent of the individuals who had gathered the voucher really acquired it in disconnected stores. The ROE of the battle surpassed 200 percent.

Hole effectively changed over potential online purchasers into disconnected clients inside the WeChat community – clients completed the entire buying process from voucher gathering to definite checkout (utilizing WeChat Pay) inside WeChat. Urging clients to gather participation cards helped them assemble a substantial client database. With this database, GAP can sustain long-haul associations with these individuals and improve their image steadfastness.

Gift vouchers for extraordinary occasions or celebrations

Chinese clients like sending endowments to their family, companions, and associates on unique days or celebrations. Ahead of the schedule in February, WeChat collaborated with Starbucks to dispatch a gift voucher benefit for Starbucks clients, who can buy a gift voucher and send it to their companions on WeChat.

Amid the Cannes Film Festival this year, L’Oreal additionally propelled a small-scale program for its extraordinary gift vouchers. They collaborated with four VIPs, (one performing artist and three on-screen characters) Gong Li, Li Chunky, Sing Boron, and Guam Xiaoping, who each spoke to a constrained release of lipstick. Clients initially picked the style of the gift voucher and after that the item. At that point, they could share the gift vouchers with their WeChat contacts.

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