Fendi, Pokeymon Collection is viral in China

The Italian fashion house Fendi, led by Kim Jones, has teamed up with designer Hiroshi Fujiwara’s brand, Fragment, to create two iconic capsule collections. Named ‘Friends of Fendi,’ this initiative gives birth to exclusive pieces that merge Fendi’s emblematic aesthetic with the distinctive creativity of the Japanese artist.

In the social media realm, Hiroshi Fujiwara’s two Instagram posts about the collaboration have garnered a total of 16,619 likes, showcasing the buzz around this unique partnership. Pokémon’s venture with iconic labels like Fendi and Hiroshi Fujiwara’s Fragment marks a significant cultural crossover for the Year of the Dragon. source

Anime collaborations have been booming in China, especially with Pokémon launching many co-branded products.

When it comes to the most familiar collaborations in the Pokémon series, Hiroshi Fujiwara is one of them, and this time he’s coming out with a new design, and it’s a three-way collaboration with luxury brands!

10 Points About Pokémon in China:

  1. Popularity Surge: Pokémon has seen a resurgence in popularity in China, especially with the younger generation and millennials.
  2. Video Games: The official Pokémon video games have a substantial fan base in China, despite earlier restrictions on console game sales.
  3. Mobile Gaming: The launch of mobile games like ‘Pokémon Go’ saw massive interest in China, despite the game not being officially available there.
  4. Merchandise Sales: Pokémon merchandise, including toys and collectibles, are highly popular in China.
  5. Anime Series: The Pokémon anime series has a strong following in China, with many fans having grown up watching the series.
  6. Cultural Adaptations: Pokémon has made cultural adaptations for the Chinese market, including special events and promotions.
  7. Collaborations: Pokémon has collaborated with several Chinese brands and platforms for unique merchandise and interactive experiences.
  8. Exhibitions and Events: There have been Pokémon-themed exhibitions and events held in China, attracting large crowds.
  9. Fan Community: There is a vibrant Pokémon fan community in China, active on social media and online forums.
  10. Intellectual Property Protection: Pokémon Company has been active in protecting its intellectual property in China, combating counterfeit merchandise and unauthorized use of its characters.

Fendi and Pokémon to launch a series of co-branded products. This design will focus on the first-generation series’ characters Mini Dragon, Hakuryu, and Kairyu, featuring Peekaboo and Baguette bag designs, which also include elements with an ‘F’ print (representing FRGMT and Fendi).

Additionally, there will be clothing and hats in the same element style, but these will appear in the Pokémon Go mobile game. Many players are likely to be interested in acquiring these skins.

Currently, the Fendi x Frgmt x Pokémon pop-up store will open in Chengdu Taikoo Li on January 4th, with other regional stores launching in succession. Interested friends can follow the official news for more information.

Fendi in China:

  1. Market Presence: Fendi entered the Chinese market in the early 1990s, making it one of the first luxury brands to tap into China’s growing luxury sector.
  2. Flagship Stores: Fendi has multiple flagship stores in major Chinese cities, including Beijing and Shanghai, showcasing its commitment to the Chinese market.
  3. Cultural Integration: Fendi has made efforts to incorporate Chinese cultural elements into its designs, resonating with local consumers.
  4. Digital Innovation: Fendi has embraced digital platforms in China, including e-commerce and social media, to engage with a tech-savvy consumer base.
  5. Celebrity Endorsements: The brand has leveraged celebrity endorsements and partnerships with popular Chinese influencers to amplify its presence.
  6. Luxury Market Growth: Fendi has benefited from the rapid growth of China’s luxury goods market, which is one of the largest in the world.
  7. Customized Products: Fendi has offered exclusive and customized products specifically for the Chinese market.
  8. Fashion Shows in China: Fendi has hosted high-profile fashion shows in China, highlighting its commitment to the Chinese fashion scene.
  9. Sustainability Focus: Fendi has shown an increasing interest in sustainability, an important factor for the environmentally conscious segment of Chinese consumers.
  10. Consumer Engagement: The brand actively participates in Chinese shopping festivals and events, such as Singles’ Day, to engage with local consumers.

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