How to Lure New Chinese Travelers (Done By Experts)

In 2024, how to Captivate Outbound Chinese Travelers in the Reviving International Tourism Industry

Full guide, with uptodate tips done experts (not AI)

Seizing Opportunities as China Lifts Travel China’s removal of travel restrictions may create HUGE opportunities and a promising recovery for worldwide tourism industry.

Chinese tourists remain eager to explore international destinations and are willing to invest in exceptional travel experiences. They seek high-quality accommodations, unique offerings, and impeccable service, offering international hotel brands an opportunity to shine through their commitment to service excellence.

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Elevating Product Offerings for the Adventurous Chinese Traveler As travel demand surges, international travel and tourism businesses should consider enhancing their product offerings, both in terms of infrastructure and services. Providers in the tourism, food and beverage, retail, and entertainment sectors can prepare for the resurgence by crafting distinctive and innovative experiences that entice the adventurous Chinese traveler.

Local Experience

Tailoring Authentic Local Experiences for Experience-Driven Chinese Travelers Chinese travelers, having refrained from overseas trips for three years, now seek high-quality experiences in familiar destinations. They desire more than just shopping and sightseeing; they are willing to invest in entertainment and immersive experiences like theme parks, snow sports, water sports, shows, and cultural activities. Crafting authentic yet familiar experiences tailored to Chinese travelers’ preferences is key to satisfying their appetite for immersive foreign encounters.

Magic power of Social Media

The Power of Social Media in Inspiring Travel Social media has emerged as a powerful source of travel inspiration, particularly through short videos that influence travelers of all ages. Destinations are harnessing social media and short video campaigns to maximize their exposure, with remarkable success stories

Online travel companies are also leveraging livestreaming, exemplified by’s impressive sales figures through live broadcasts.

Leveraging Channel Partners for Scalability China’s travel distribution landscape is intricate and Chinese-dominated, making scaling a challenge. Understanding different channel types, including online travel agencies (OTAs), online travel portals (OTPs), and traditional travel agencies, is essential. Travel companies must prioritize their preferred channels and establish clear roles for each, all while avoiding ultra-low pricing that may harm their brand. Considering direct-to-consumer (D2C) channels is also advisable in the evolving post-pandemic.

Target the Digital Travelers in China

Creating a Seamless Digital Experience for Tech-Savvy Chinese Travelers Chinese travelers are digitally advanced and value seamless experiences. Overseas destinations and service providers can cater to them by offering digitally enhanced services. Partnering with China’s internet giants can expedite the implementation of digital services, ensuring travelers find familiarity and convenience while abroad. Mobile payment platforms like Alibaba’s Alipay are also revolutionizing the tax refund process, enhancing the overall travel experience.


“Communicate around adventure, with storytelling” in 2024 explained Olivier VEROT, founder of GMA .

Preparing for the Return of Chinese Travelers With China’s quarantine requirements easing in 2024, Chinese tourists are preparing for a comeback. Their enthusiasm for travel remains strong, and they are ready to explore the world once again. Travel providers can anticipate a diverse range of travelers seeking exciting and high-quality experiences. As the returning Chinese traveler values functionality and authenticity, providers who prioritize these aspects are poised to capture this resurging market.

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WeChat Pay and Alipay:

In the modern world of travel and tourism, digital payment platforms like WeChat Pay and Alipay have revolutionized the way travelers make transactions. These mobile payment solutions offer convenience and security, making them indispensable tools for both tourists and businesses in the industry.


WeChat Pay and Alipay, 2dominant players in China’s mobile payment landscape, are indispensable for travel businesses looking to cater to Chinese tourists. These platforms enable travelers to make seamless transactions, from booking flights and accommodations to dining and shopping, all within the same app. Offering these payment options not only enhances convenience but also builds trust, as users are familiar with these trusted brands. It’s essential for tourism businesses to integrate WeChat Pay and Alipay into their payment systems to tap into the vast Chinese market and provide a frictionless payment experience for their customers.

Baidu to catch the search request

“Utilizing Search Engines to Capture Travel Enthusiasts” is best marketing Tool, explain Marcus Zhan, expert in Tourism in China.

Harnessing the power of search engines is paramount to reaching potential travelers. By strategically targeting keywords and phrases related to travel and tourism, businesses can catch the attention of individuals actively searching for travel opportunities. Employing search engine optimization (SEO) techniques and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can ensure that your travel offerings are prominently displayed when prospective travelers are in the research phase, making it easier to capture their interest and lead them towards your services.

Inspiring Wanderlust through Social Media Platforms like Reddit Social media platforms, such as Zhihu, mafengwo etc , offer a unique opportunity to tap into the wanderlust of potential travelers. Creating engaging and inspirational content that showcases dream destinations, travel experiences, and insider tips can capture the imagination of users. Many forums are dedicated to travel, Qyer etc

Chinese want “adventure“, and exploration can be an ideal space to connect with like-minded individuals who are eager to embark on new journeys and seek out travel recommendations.

Douyin Magic Video

Targeting Travel Enthusiasts with Douyin Ads Leveraging Douyin, a popular short-video platform, allows travel businesses to precisely target passionate travelers. Creating eye-catching and engaging video content that highlights unique travel experiences and destinations can captivate the attention of potential customers. Douyin’s advanced advertising capabilities enable businesses to reach a specific demographic of travel enthusiasts, ensuring that their offerings resonate with the right audience.

WeChat in China

Enhancing Visibility with WeChat Video Content WeChat, China’s ubiquitous messaging app, offers a powerful platform for increasing visibility in the Chinese travel market. Sharing captivating video content through WeChat Moments or official accounts can create a strong presence among potential travelers. From virtual tours of destinations to informative travel guides, video content can engage and inform users, increasing the likelihood of them considering your travel services for their next adventure.

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Reviews, Reputation

Cultivating Online Reputation through Reviews In the digital age, online reputation is crucial. Encouraging satisfied customers to leave positive reviews on platforms like TripAdvisor, qunar, Dianping, Mafengwo etc can significantly impact your travel business.

Responding to reviews, both positive and negative, demonstrates your commitment to customer satisfaction. Managing and curating your online reputation can build trust and credibility in China, influencing potential travelers to choose your services over competitors. (normal 🙂 )

Establishing a User-Friendly Website or Mini Program

Having a user-friendly website or mini program is essential for connecting with potential clients. Your online presence serves as a digital storefront, providing valuable information, itineraries, and contact details. It should be easy to navigate, mobile-responsive, and offer personalized experiences. Features like chat support or inquiry forms can facilitate direct communication, making it convenient for travelers to reach out and plan their journeys with your assistance.

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