New Marketing Trends in China !

New year, new trends ! What Brands need to know to success in China ? 

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How to communicate in the right way ? what are the right tools and what are the latest Marketing strategies ? [/note]

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What are the Top  marketing strategies for 2016?



Eyes on the Smartphone

chinese on phoneThere is an importance use of smartphone, particularly in China rare are those who have known the computer. For most smartphone is the means by which they experienced internet. While in the West there is a slow transition from PC to smartphone. This trend of smartphone goes along with new marketing strategies for brands.
While Western countries are struggling to captivate their audience through emails, have few followers on social networks like Facebook. China however is the country where the digital is at its peak with 600 million people connected: brands therefore can communicate with their followers on different platforms like WeChat. This is the best way to communicate with customers in China. Although many brands already have their WeChat account, few of them were able to benefit from it.


Wechat Marketing

WeChat offers brands a way to manage their followers as a CRM system; they can publish notifications for different consumers. This system is highly demanded by brands. It’s a way to approach users in a gentle way and raise awareness among them. We must stay close to its customer base, maintain them while trying to reach new potential customers, this is one of the 2016 goals.


Mini-movies to entertain

fashion in chinaBig brands such as Cadillac, Prada turned China mini-movies . It is usually 10 minute film that features Asian stars. It is a techinique quickly became popular, we see more and more brands are adopting these mini-movies.
These films aimed the new generation of young people connected and eager for luxury brands. Traditional marketing strategies have already been seen again and again, these users are looking for something new. These mini movies are somewhat the response of brands : it is quality content and premium entertainment. It is a way to share a moment with its customers. For example Chanel made a mini-movie titled “Once upon a time” going back in time to share the story of Chanel. Or Pepsi with “Bring Hapiness Home” which has 100,000 views.

For Luxury Brands, the Chinese market is very important, they invest a lot in order to satisfy their Chinese customers more and more demanding. These mini-films are a sophisticated way to attract the attention of readers while healing the image of the brand.

Bayer Branding Video really impressive

Bayer China Branding from StudioStare on Vimeo.



Let’s not forget our KOLs

kolsOpinion leaders have made a real reputation for many brands. Many opinion leaders already have a base of followers on their own account on the social networks. They are able to play a great influence on a large part of consumers.

Influcencers ( leader of opinions)  are a plus, however you have to pick the best of them. In China, brands have realized some bloggers were not as effective as they thought. In large cities such as Shanghai and Beijing, consumers are increasingly knowledgeable about the products they prefer to make their own opinion and decide for themselves whether their product is suitable or not. Certainly, consumers continue to follow bloggers, experts and celebrities on social networks but in the end it may be insufficient to persuade consumers to continue buying process.

Angela Baby is the KOL of the year 

She is famous, and get a lot of influence on Brands, trends and new products. With 19millions of followers on her weibo, she is the new image of Chinese girl, naive Cute and joyfull.

She even get a wikipedia Page

She is of course a Advertising Star and get hundreds of Brands use her image already.


Brands are learning every day about how to stay connected to Chinese customers and therefore constantly adapt their strategies based on that information. That is why we must carefuly choose the opinion leader, who really influence your network, those who provide the best brand.

Storytelling  on Media 

Angela Baby brand ambassador of Meitu , a really nice story explain on ZOL the most famous IT website. 

Popular US website relay this information check here

PR China


Divert your eyes from the mark

Nowadays it is no longer question of advertising its brand directly but use a less direct way to approach customers. It is true that for a while, marketers had trouble finding a compromise between promoting the brand without necessarily attacking the customer. so far we thought it was the only way to increase sales, but there is another way.

Louis Vuitton going to art documentary

The famous bag brands invest in Art documentary .

More information on this article.

louis vuitton arts Louis vuitton Louis vuitton online

Brands change their attitude, they will now provide a much deeper content and thought without actually mentioning the brand in order to attract customers. The goal is to show that the brand cares about the consumers, what they want instead of speaking of the brand itself, and it works great !

Chinese consumers like to travel

They associate Brands with countries and like the “feeling” of premium Brands.

AirBnb realize a nice job in China.

In China, this strategy has been a success with over 600 million Internet users. Take the example of Durex, they bypassed the subject of sexuality by bringing more soothing and touching topics: relationships, romantic date, love. This strategy has been very effective and caused a sensation among Chinese. They have a very active base of friends and try to continue this friendship.


Listen more to consumers (They are changing so fast ! )

It is important to interact with its consumers find different ways to get in touch with the customer. This gives the impression that the brand cares about the well being of client and the brands are listening to them.

SkII a cosmetics Brand realize a nice video that touch Chinese Ladies hearts. 



It’s also a way to build trust with the buyer. Especially in China because of many problems of counterfeiting, the buyer is always worried about the authenticity of the product, which is why the brand needs to be present around the customer to reassure them.

WeChat consumerTo give a more real side to the brand, the brand will adopt a strategy in which it invites customers to participate in content creation for the brand. For example the use of pictures of everyday life of different customers, the consumers face or the fact to collect testimonies of people using your product. The communication between you and the customer is the key to success for your brand.

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