Salomon achieved triple-digit revenue growth in China

Salomon achieved triple-digit revenue growth between 2020 and 2022, with strategic investment on Marketing and Social media.

Salomones shoes accounted for more than 70 percent of their Business in China.

Salomon’s Strategic Foray into China’s Luxury Segment: GMA Insights

Salomon is set to unveil its debut China-centric limited capsule collection, christened “Mountain Summons,” slated for release on August 28. The curated collection captures the essence of three iconic Chinese mountains, most notably the revered Siguniang Mountain situated in Sichuan province. This launch seamlessly marries Salomon’s mountaineering ethos with the majestic grandeur of China’s vast landscapes. The collection’s standout piece, the “Siguniang Mountain” XT-6 sneaker, embodies a unique thermal imaging-inspired design, further accentuated with the mountain’s GPS coordinates intricately inscribed on the insole.

Prior to the official lottery release on Salomon’s WeChat mini program on August 23, a sneak peek of this exquisite collection was showcased at the brand’s flagship Chengdu store. source Jing Daily

The unveiling sparked significant digital chatter as outdoor aficionados and ardent followers of the trending gorpcore and mountaincore aesthetics took to Xiaohongshu, a popular social platform, to share firsthand experiences and reviews. These organic content pieces inadvertently served as anticipatory teasers, heightening the collection’s allure.

GMA Analysis: Deciphering Salomon’s Ascent in China

The first half of 2023 witnessed a momentous turnaround for Amer Sports, marking its strongest biannual performance since its acquisition by the influential Anta Group in 2018. As per Anta’s interim financial disclosures, Amer Sports’ staggering revenue surge of 37.2% YoY, amounting to $1.82 billion (RMB13.27 billion), can be attributed to the triumphant trio of its portfolio: Arc’teryx, Salomon, and Wilson.

Although Salomon, with its roots dating back to 1947, has been a mainstay in winter sports and trail running spheres, its expedition into the Chinese market was a more recent endeavor, initiated in 2019. Nonetheless, bolstered by strategic investments from the Anta Group, the brand has achieved a commendable foothold in China’s competitive sports arena in merely half a decade. A report by 36Kr, a trusted local publication, validates this growth narrative, highlighting Salomon’s exponential revenue amplification between 2020 and 2022, dominated by a whopping 70% contribution from footwear.

Salomon’s meteoric rise in China resonates with the nation’s burgeoning appetite for outdoor adventures and the pervasive appeal of gorpcore and mountaincore styles. What truly distinguishes Salomon is its adept localization strategy, ensuring its offerings resonate deeply with China’s enthusiastic explorers and runners. Their latest endeavor, the China-specific “Mountain Summons” collection, not only enhances their brand appeal but also fortifies their bond with the country’s thriving outdoor community.

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Salomon’s Vision in China: Bridging the Gap Between Fashion and Functionality

In a recent conversation with 36Kr, the Head of Salomon in China, Yin Yi, elaborated on the brand’s vision and aspirations for the Chinese market. Here’s an in-depth view of Salomon’s efforts to revolutionize the outdoor sports industry in China:

A Unique Retail Experience

Salomon’s store in Beijing’s Sanlitun district stands out with its unique design and blend of products. Spanning about 130 square meters, it fuses Salomon’s outdoor footwear with ski equipment, something not typically seen in other outlets. The design is inspired by continuous mountain landscapes, and the shop’s interior features a three-dimensional mountain structure. Emphasizing the themes of “mountain” and “snow,” the store offers an immersive experience to customers, urging them to step into an outdoor ambiance.

Salomon’s branding draws from nature, encompassing mountain, water, ink, and snow elements. This store, in particular, appeals to the young, fashionable demographic of Sanlitun, offering an intriguing mix of chic luxury with traditional outdoor aesthetics.

Building a Resonance with Chinese Consumers

Salomon is well on track in terms of brand awareness in China. However, they aim higher. Rather than just introducing their brand, Salomon hopes to resonate with consumers’ habits – be it sporting, living, or consuming. The brand’s mission extends beyond making sales; they hope to encourage more individuals to embrace nature.

Engaging and Building a Community

Salomon’s endeavors involve extensive interactions with their customers. They have fostered an off-road community, which gathers two distinct crowds. First, the new-age outdoor enthusiasts who frequently resonate with Salomon, and second, the hardcore ones, the real DNA of off-road running. The latter group seeks deeper participation, looking for more than just a product – they seek an experience.

What is their Target Audience ?

While Salomon doesn’t restrict itself to a specific age demographic, they acknowledge that younger consumers define ‘hardcore’ differently. These consumers prioritize fashion while seeking professional sporting gear. Salomon ensures they cater to this diverse set of needs.

Tremendous Growth in China triple-digit growth

Since intensifying its focus on the Chinese mainland in 2020, Salomon has witnessed triple-digit growth, with footwear contributing to over 70% of sales. The brand foresees having around 45 stores by the end of the year in prime cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and more. Currently, Salomon’s growth in China outpaces global figures.

Why China?

Salomon attributes its rapid growth in China to changing consumer behaviors. The brand has always emphasized the relationship between humans, sports, and nature. Encouraging more people to experience the outdoors has been a cornerstone of their strategy.

Setting Salomon Apart

Salomon’s distinct DNA offers it a competitive edge. As a brand with 75 years of heritage, it initially focused on skiing products. Not many brands venture into off-road running gear, a niche Salomon dominates. They believe in serving unique consumer groups and setting missions that differ from the norm.

Localization Efforts & Branding in China

Salomon has made noteworthy efforts to cater specifically to the Chinese market. They’ve adjusted fitting sizes for Chinese consumers and introduced specific product lines, especially in sneakers, aligning with local preferences.

Future Plans

Salomon’s expansion strategy is driven by the desire to serve communities better. They anticipate increasing their store count to 100 by next year and 200 by 2025. The brand focuses more on its mission of resonating with nature and promoting a healthier lifestyle than mere financial numbers.

In essence, Salomon’s journey in China showcases a brand that seamlessly marries professionalism with fashion, always striving to create an authentic connection with its consumers.

In Conclusion: GMA Luxury Division Expertise in China

At GMA, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive understanding of China’s dynamic luxury market landscape. Salomon’s recent strategic initiatives highlight the crucial importance of aligning global brand ethos with local sensibilities. Our in-depth expertise in China’s luxury marketing realm ensures brands can navigate the multifaceted Chinese consumer landscape with precision, ensuring resonant brand narratives and sustained growth trajectories.

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